Insurance Companies physiotherapists

Better conditions in cooperation with insurance companies

Practicing physiotherapists must be given equal authorization when insurers refer their clients to treatment in the practice sector. It requires admission to all insurance companies' treatment lists and similar letters, which clearly describe the terms of cover for treatment costs, regardless of whether inside or outside the agreement.

Business Network For Free Practitioners Physiotherapists work for more transparent and better relationships when practicing physiotherapists enter into agreements with insurance companies. The work is focused on the following efforts:

By. insurance companies we work for:

  • Free choice of treatment and registration on all treatment lists.
  • Description of physiotherapeutic practice outside agreement, mhp. to provide insurance companies with a better overview of our competencies and the possibilities of their customers (eg no waiting, opportunity for customer benefits, geographical coverage, pricing structure, etc.)
  • Insurance algorithm that simplifies work and registration with the conditions of insurance companies.
  • Seek cooperation with PF (Practicing physiotherapists) on common interest areas in the insurance field